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Caro Lucchetta – Italo-argentinean Artist & Architect

Caro Lucchetta, artist and architect Ítalo-Argentiean, was born in 1976 in the La Paz, Entre Ríos Province, Argentina.- She developed her childhood and adolescence in Buenos Aires graduating from the prestigious Ward College in 1993 and from the University of Architecture , Design & Urbanism of Buenos Aires in 2000.

In 2001 she traveled to Italy (Treviso), her second residence country where she temporarily resided to develop various types of arts and building projects. In 2003 she founded the firm SLg + a, an Arquitecture % Design firm, with offices in Buenos Aires and Italy.

Since 2015, and in parallel to her architectural developments, she has dedicated herself to deepening hes artistic talent in painting and design, producing works that transmit, without a doubt, a special style and personality as well as a unique energy.

Her art is based on the search towards the interior of the BEING and its energies, vividly capturing the aural interconnections, the different dimensions beyond the physical plane, and the human sensibility in the universe.

This official website recreates her Studio-Atelier, where she exhibits and sale her works in different formats, also offering various services, products and news.

[ Message from the artist ]

Making art is a GIFT exercised by sentient and soul beings. It is a duty to share it with the rest of Humanity. Living from art is not impossible, it is only necessary to foster that subtle connection between people who understand that the expression of the soul and the heart is the true connection. Allowing yourself to feel and express yourself are indispensable practices, both for the creatives and for those who enjoy their art and allow themselves to be moved.

Blessed are all those who express their sensitivity, in whatever way! Let art be food and exudate of our souls and have no doubt that your lives will be rewarded and more nutritious.

Caro Lucchetta
Artist & Architect

[ Testimonies ]

Leanne Kowbuz

Illustrator –Toronto, Canada

The composition is incredible. Everything in her works is unique. You can see what you want or interpret, depending on the emotional state of us. I love the choice of colors and find myself immersed in the movement of their strokes

Maria Fernanda Caudarella

Manager at ALUOEST S.A. – Bs.As, Argentina

The artist sees what sustains existence by reflecting chaos, disorder and at the same time infinite possibilities. With its colors brings, before the scenes of the theater that is existence, a free vision of fear and ties. Her works are a joy!

Victoria Zillo

Holistic Coach – Miami, Stati Uniti

His creations make me immerse myself beyond the colors and the similar shapes, I can perceive a story through what is embodied in the canvas. Caro is a being full of talent, sensitivity and vibrant, like the colors she uses, a perfect combination that makes her “unique” as an artist.

"Art does not reproduce what is visible but makes visible what is not always"​
Paul Klee
"The artist must be a mixture of a boy, a man and a woman"
Ernesto Sábato
"Art is primarily a state of mind"
Marc Chagall
"Art is the rebellion of man before the evil stupidity of everyday events"
Alejandro Dolina
"At twelve I knew how to draw like Rafael but I needed a lifetime to learn to paint like a child"
Pablo R. Picasso

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