The ERCA Project was born in 2018 as an initiative of a group of friends and alumni of the Colegio Ward, who decided to collaborate with the Ramón Sierra Alta border school, located in the town of Las Papas, Province of Catamarca, at 3,700 meters above sea level in the Cordillera de los Andes; raising funds for the purchase of school and art supplies in the annual FIAMBALA DESERT Adventure Race week.

In 2019, we have repeated the initiative and since then our commitment to this cause and new ones is expanding.

/ Photo of the first donation trip in 2018 /

[ Our Mision ]

Generate genuine resources to help rural and border schools to make art, in all its forms, the best expression field that enables the expansion of creativity in children and turns as a indispensable tool for the expression of their souls.

To reach with our donations schools and/or institutions where art supplies are needed so we can help art be an accessible practice for children, specially who need it most.

[ Our Vision ]

Art, as one of the most genuine and humane form of expression, is the indispensable fuel for human development and the happiness of people. The childhood, as the most constructive stage of a human being, requires tools that allows the development of all its potential. It is the responsibility of every adult being to contribute, in whatever way, to make this possible.

[ Solidarity projects completed in 2018-19 ]

• 2018- School Nr.38  Ramón A. Sierralta / Las Papas – Catamarca Province

• 2019- School Nr.38  Ramón A. Sierralta / Las Papas – Catamarca Province

2020- School Nr.38  Ramón A. Sierralta / Las Papas – Catamarca Province

  • 2021- School Nr. 35 / Tatón – Catamarca Province

[ Companies and Institutions that participate with us in this adventure of helping ]

Salvaje Eventos  / Escribanía Milani / Aluoest Aluminios / Slg+a Arquitectos
Librería IMAS S.RL. / Secretaría de Turismo de Catamarca / Exalumnos del Colegio Ward / Gilda Milani

[ Who we are ]

Federico Lausi

Director and Founder of Salvaje Eventos

María Carolina Lucchetta

Artist and Ceo of SLg+a Architects Studio